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Thursday, 16 March 2017

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Thursday, 24 January 2013

Now Temple Run 2 Released For iOS and Android Users

Imangi Studios last week released Temple Run 2, game for iOS users .Temple run 2, was downloaded over 20 million times in its four days of availability on the App Store.This Game has Gained a Top Spot in just eight hours after release, and is currently the Top most Installed App.

Temple Run 2 Is the sequel to the Temple Run , which was Major Succes in Today's Gamming Field .Temple Run , which has been downloaded over 170 million times across the App Store,Google Play and the Amazon Marketplace.

Temple Run 2 Sequel is announced and released on 17th Jan 2013.The new game is now available on Google Play for Android users. This App Is exetremely Free of Cost.

Temple Run 2 has packed with new features such as :

---> Beautiful new graphics
---> New organic environments
---> New obstacles
---> More powerups
---> More Achievements
---> Bigger Monkeys

Screen shots :

Now (today) it is Offically Announced for Android users. The Co-founder Keith Shepherd tells TNW via email As Temple Run 2 for Android users.

This Temple Run 2 has a main character run accros all manner of landscapes as they flee the dreadful temple beasts that chase the character. And the players who has already played

The Game comes with fully action packed which comes with crazy forest,zip lines,perilous clifs,dangers mines as you try to escape from the cursed idol.

Here Comes Game Trailer which was On Internet :

As it is Endless running game Now you decide how far you can run and make your more Interesting.

To all iOS users if you wisih download the Game Temple run 2 For your device just  Click the link below :

Download Link :link for temple Run 2 iOS

And here comes the most awaiting link Temple Run 2 game For Android devices.

Download Link :link for Temple Run 2 Android


                              && Enjoy the Amazing Game &&


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Winners of INDIAN IDOL Season #9 - 2017

When I started this Blogging Which  I  have heard  From  my Friends Saikiran Reddy Sama  Satish Kumar  Nirmala Santhakumar   as a Easy way of Earning money .But when I entered  I am experiencing a lot's Of Problems while Blogging .Now I want  to say Few Wrong methods Where every new Bloggers are  (New to Blogging Field ) trying today .

Wrong steps taken By Fresh Bloggers :

1. First, when I have started my blogging I Was doing a Simple Trick  i.e

                     " Copy And Paste Method "

This method includes just surfing the Internet and Copying the Content Publishing on their Blog.
This method is easy to acess but the most wrong way for new Bloggers.So my Sincere advice to my Friends Never copy the Content of Others.

2.Another wrong Step taken by new bloggers are  

                             " Selection Of their Posts "

Every Fresh blogger thinks that his Blog should contain Every New Stuff news Should be included in his blog.They Simply write posts which is most includes unwanted stuff in the world.So please try to avoid this.Stick One " Nichie ".Branding a Blog is saying that if you are unable to maintain Nichie then your Blog surely Fails.The " Content " in the Post also  matters Here.Try to post a Content with Good Quality.Try to Use " SEO "(Search Engine Optamization ) tips in Your Blog Post for more Benifits.

3.Layout Problem: This problem is Faced  by  every new blogger ,Go for a Layout which is most  popular in Blogging world.Layout must be Atractive,Special for Visitors who  are big fans of Your Blog.Try to choose a Layout which  Suits to your Blog.

4.Now , You have Good Posts with Good Content But lack Of Traffic to Your Blog will surely effects Your Blog.If Really Want to drive  a loads of Traffic to  your Blog try to Use 

                           " Social Media Sites

We have many ways to drive traffic to our Blog .Personally I Prefer These sites to Encourage Traffic to my Blog.

5.Mistakes done by  every Blogger.It's Common to make a mistake and also that everyone  in this field are  so perfect to produce a Post without any Errors.

          " If You Never Mistake then you will never have a chance to learn form your mistakes and get Perfect "

Try to recorrect your mistakes from your post's and Enjoy your Blogging Life Friends...

Note : I know this post  is not of Good Quality but I have tried my level Best to Write this Post.Please Leave a me a Comment Below as Feedback Of Appreciation and If you find any Errors Or Mistakes Please do kindly Forgive me and Let Me Know My Mistake Friends..Thank You .

                        * * * * Enjoy Blogging Life * * *



Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Reunite After 72 Years With the Help of Facebook

Have you ever searched for someone from your past on facebook ? Perhaps you've taken to a social networking site to locate a long last relative.? 

 There are billion users on the social networking site, with billions of connections,and numerous Facebook pages are dedicated to family searches.

 The most recent reunion story is of two Bosnian sisters,both in their eightes,who have been reunited after 72 years apart with help of Facebook.

Tanija Delic,88, and Hedija Talic, 82 had not seen each other since 1941,the Nezavisne Novine .Talic,aged 11 at the time had got separated from her family while they were feeing their village in northwestern Bosnia at the start of World War 2.She ended up in an Orphange , while the parents were killed during the war and her brother emigrated to the U.S.

"After the war , people were telling me all kinds of things,"Talic told."Some were saying that my family was killed,others that they moved to the U.S. I  lost any hope that i would see any of them again." 

 Talic later moved  with her family to a village near the northeastern town of Tuzla,while her sister Delic lived in a village in northwestern Bosnia. 

They learned of each other and eventually met again after Talic's son got Inerested in his family tree and contacted his aunt's daughter through Facebook. The sisters related " Tears and Disbelief " over the emotional reunion, saying they shared memories of the "smallest events from childhood."

The sisters said they would now try to trace their brother or his family ,who are believed to be in the United States.. 

If You've ever searched for a long-lost relative on Facebook, do you have any advices for those who are still searching ? Tell Us in the comments. 


Friday, 4 January 2013

Technology Watchlist for 2013


1. Dual -screen Ultrabooks

The creators are creating ever interesting portable computing devices.A thin laptop and we have a strange and wonderful 'tabtop/laptablet' dual-screen devices that functions extraordinarily.The Upcoming Asus Taichi-- a Windows 8 Ultrabook with two full HD screens,one on the inside for use a laptop and the other on the outside for use as a tablet.This consists an  Intel Ivy Bridge processor with an Nvidia graphics chip that can, together, handle demanding apps.It costs more than $1,300, for small scaled-down versions.

2.Google Chromebook

For those who store all their data online in locations such as Dropbox or Google Drive, and who live off Google's web applications,the Google Chromebook might just be the ticket. It has limited storage and modest capabilities,but its entire raison d'etre is accrssing online services.Starting at USD 199, it is a compelling device not just for personal use but also for the cloud - connected enterprises that need afforfable,easily mangeable devices that are no more secure than conventional portable devices.

 3.Google Nexus 4

Andriod devices, takes a lot for one of them to really stand out.LG's Google Nexus 4,with its fanstastic of technologies and form seems to have done. Although its 4.7-inch IPS screen with a 1280x768 resolution, 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM and wireless charging might be surpassed eventually, it has set the gold standard for price-performance. The USD 199 entry point makes it the best value device in the market and will undoubtedly pave the way for lower-priced yet powerful smartphones in the year ahead. Of course, you’ll need to fight the hordes before you get your hands on one.

4.Intel's Next Unit of Computing

In September ,Intel Showcased a new Liiliputian 4-inch machine that could well be the basis for computing devices you might find in your home or office soon.Built around an integrated board with an Ivy Bridge Intel Core i3 processor, two memory slots, the new thunderbolt connectoe and an external q9v power supply, it resembles a set -top box.while it's modest specificstions will not find use in applications that need processing muscle, it will appeal to daily app like browsing the internet or movies across home networks. 

5.Solid State Storage

Solid state drives(SSD)-- storage in the form of memory chips , as opposed to conventional hard disk - based magnetic storage.Advancements in fabrications processes and technologies are breeding higher -capacity and cheaper SSD's that offer significant gains-higher speeds, greater robustness,lower power consumption,lighter weight and smaller size.The primary deterrent has been cost per megabyte: SSD 's are expensive to manufacture. With Other Competitors Such as Samsung announcing high -performance SSD's at USD 200 for 20 GB, the storage scene is poised to change. The prices are higher than other devices.Samsung says one in five drives shipped next year will have SSD's this is expected to rise to one to two by 2016.  news via Forbesindia

Friends  do Forgive Me if their any Mistakes in the above information.Thanx Guys For Reading. Study Tuned For more Updates.

For More Queries Comment Below Friends .. :) 

Srikanth Sri

Hi Friendz, This is Srikanth Rao Founder of Dreams Should Be Your Goals. I am 21 Year Ordinary and a Simple guy from Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh. I am Working as a part time blogger and I write about Blogging, Technology, Programming, Social Media etc. Contact Me at Facebook or Twitter.

Thursday, 3 January 2013


Google, the Huge internet Source  has given a good news to Indian Citizens.Google is telling Asian users to except Google Service to be extended in this Year.

Google Websites-- Gmail,,Google+,YouTube,Google Hangout,Google Search and more are to get 30 percent faster in India. Google is going to start operations on its data center based in Asia.Google started working on these data centers which are located at Singapore,Taiwan and Hong Kong in 2011.
Work on these centers began in 2011 and the singapore facility is excepted to be complete in early 2013.  Following that the Taiwan facility is scheduled to be up and running by the second half of 2013.Google has not yet given a clear timeframe for completing the Hong Kong facility,but it will be finished last.

" As per the news Google is spending  about $300 million on these data centers. Internet connectivity speed in India is not very high. These data centres will be crucial to this market due to its proximity," Said Lalitesh Katragadda, country head , India Products at Google.

Once the data centers are opened in the closest region of the country,the speed of the services could go up and accorfing to news the Google and YouTube services might get 30 percent faster than the current speed.

The major benefit will be for Google Anfroid smartphones users,who have increased manifold in the past couple of years .One might even except data speeds to increase.

Interestingly ,Google is launching community grants in each are where the new data centres will be opened. news  via  siliconindia.

What do you feel Friends Anusha Dandekar Satish Kumar  Sai krishna Chitraparna Sinha Kartik Shah 
Hope You all Liked Reading this information Friends.Stay tuned for more Updates Friends..!!


Wednesday, 2 January 2013


  ~  ~  ~  ~  Gangnam Style ~ ~ ~

Gangnam Style tune sung by a Korean Singer regarded as " PSY ",Gangnam Style at this very moment made a record on You Tube  by intersection 1 billion now the meter is at 1,110,299,103 well this is simply the first film that has gone upto this level and possibly there still more to come.

The song , 1st posted on You Tube on July 15 , clocked the 1 billion milestone at 10:50 am EST(1550 GMT ) and You Tube marked the ocassion with a dancing Psy doodle next to their logo.The rapper recently performed for President  Barack Obama,met with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and won the best video award at the MTV Europe Music Awards .

If You don't know about this have bot seen yet then see it right now :

------->>>>   Why This Kolaveri Di

Kolaveri Di song became India's most -searched you Tube video ever,the first Tamil film song to play on MTV India and national radio stations and Very much got published in Indian and International press.

The 21 year -old- actor-cum-singer Dhanush-- started off in broken English,singing in jest.The words and the song were finalised within a record 20 minutes.

The most watched music video has Dhanush singing the song in a recording studio,composer Anirudh at the keyboard and directopr Aishwarya and co-star Shruti Haasan seen giving suggestions.

The song , 1st posted on You Tube on November 16th 2011.And now this video  numbers has 65,758,100 views on You Tube.The Song  has won the YouTube Gold Award, which is present to videos that have gone viral. Kolaveri Di sweeps Indian television.

If you still haven't seen the Video then here is a Video for you guys :

 I Hope Every Has Enjoyed reading this Information.Thank You Friends For being Patient.If You really love any videos on You Tube which got so much popular don't hesitate to comment Friends.Let us Know in comments.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

5 Tech Resolutions For The New Year

It's a New Year's tradition to plan for self-improvement in the coming year----we prepare --or hope--to become our better selves.

Chect out some of these tech-related New Year's resolutions committed here to accomplishing in the New Year.

---> Update Software

You know those annoying remainders to update to the latest version of your operating system,Web browser or other software you've ignored for the past few months.Instead of clicking " Cancel " take the time to get the latest versions.Updated s/w helps to keep you safer from viruses and hackers and always try to be on Safer side.

For Operating system such Windows try to Update within the Control Panel.Browser like Chrome and Firefox only update when they start up.Try to try Update available for other Software,check sites like PC Pitstop.

--->  BackUp all Your Devices

As a computer user ,you back up your computer regularly. Right ? If not, you can get set up in a jiffy with built-in apps.For Windows machines,use the Windows Backup app.For Macs,the best solution is Time Machine.(You can use any hard drive with Time Machine, but Apple makes a wireless drive called Time Capsule that makes the process especially smooth.) 

On Android, you can wirelessly back up some key settings such as preference and bookmarks by 
selecting "Back up my data" under "Personal" in the Setting menu.

--->  Change Your Passwords

Your Account security depends not just on strong passwords that include numbers and symbols, but on using different strong passwords for each account you got.

The free service installs a browser plugin that gives you access to all your passwords from any browser, so you can log in in at work or at home.

--->  Check Social media privacy settings

On Facebook, you can control who sees what you post.Use the auidence selector to decide if everyone, only friends or a custom list is able to see a post. Under "Privacy Settings," you can also limit who can see older posts that were created before Facebook added its Friends selection process.

On Twitter,yoy have the option of  "protecting" your tweets so that only people you approve can see them. Your Tweets don't show up in searches,either.

--->  Get Outside

As much as we love our Gadgets,getting fresh air and human interactions should be a high priority. Don't stay Sticked to your laptop or Mobile or Tablets all the time it Effects Our  Health also.

So I am Following All things What I've Written Above. Do You Follow These Resolutions . Let us Know in comments.


Monday, 31 December 2012

New Year 2013 Google Doodle

A Very Happy  New To All..!! Like every year this time also Google has shown its doodle in order to greet the upcoming New Year 2013.

Google also Offered its  New Year  Wishes via this Doodle.Two doodles has been launched by Google for this New Year .One is Showing pre party and other displaying the post party Scenario.The doodle of 31st Dec Shows the Preparty Celebrations .

In one corner composer Clara Schumann, whose 193rd b'day was marked in Doodle plays a synthesiser made by Robert Moog, who got a Doodle for his 78th birthday .

In another corner Rodin's The Thinker sits at a computer,representing Alan Turing,whose centenary was this year,while Ada Lovelace-197 this year - offers advice.

 New Year's  Day 2013 Google Doodle 

This Google Doodle shows a morning scene with no guests around.The New year doodle features the haphazardly placed letters of the word Google, acting as hosts cleaning the area after the party. If you have a close look at the Doodle it shows end of the year, and the start of a new year!!

The “New Year’s Day 2013″ Google Doodle looks very similar to the “New Year’s Eve 2012” .But Google of India did not post the New Year's eve doodle on  the India homepage.

" In the memory of the Braveheart, Google placed a subtle vigle candle below it's search box on the Google India homepage."

Here Srikanth Sri Wish You all a Happy New Year 2013, may 2013 bring you happiness,wealth and Good future.!May all Your New Year's resolutions, hopes and dreams come true,and may the NewYear be a year of blessings!

                                                 Happy New Year 2013!


Google Lights Up A Candle in the memory of Delhi Braveheart

Have you noticed today's Google search engine ..If n't then read this Friends .

In the memory of  the brave heart , Google has placed a subtle vigil candle below it's search box on the Google India homepage. When you take Your Cursor on the Candle, the text appears that read, "In Memory Of the Delhi brave heart."

Very often Google Places doodles on account of historical milestones and anniversaries but this time by placing a glowing candle below the search box .Google has not only honoured the brave heart and it's family ,but it has also paid a tribute to the entire nation by this action  and protesting for Justice.

Basically google doodle appears in place of Google logo ,but this time, candle appears below the search box.

Google showed the same protest following the tragic news of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut On hoering over the image, a text box appeared that read, " Our hearts are with the famiilies and community of  Newtown, Connecticut."


Friends: Srikanth Sri