Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Reunite After 72 Years With the Help of Facebook

Have you ever searched for someone from your past on facebook ? Perhaps you've taken to a social networking site to locate a long last relative.? 

 There are billion users on the social networking site, with billions of connections,and numerous Facebook pages are dedicated to family searches.

 The most recent reunion story is of two Bosnian sisters,both in their eightes,who have been reunited after 72 years apart with help of Facebook.

Tanija Delic,88, and Hedija Talic, 82 had not seen each other since 1941,the Nezavisne Novine .Talic,aged 11 at the time had got separated from her family while they were feeing their village in northwestern Bosnia at the start of World War 2.She ended up in an Orphange , while the parents were killed during the war and her brother emigrated to the U.S.

"After the war , people were telling me all kinds of things,"Talic told."Some were saying that my family was killed,others that they moved to the U.S. I  lost any hope that i would see any of them again." 

 Talic later moved  with her family to a village near the northeastern town of Tuzla,while her sister Delic lived in a village in northwestern Bosnia. 

They learned of each other and eventually met again after Talic's son got Inerested in his family tree and contacted his aunt's daughter through Facebook. The sisters related " Tears and Disbelief " over the emotional reunion, saying they shared memories of the "smallest events from childhood."

The sisters said they would now try to trace their brother or his family ,who are believed to be in the United States.. 

If You've ever searched for a long-lost relative on Facebook, do you have any advices for those who are still searching ? Tell Us in the comments. 

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