Monday, 31 December 2012

Google Lights Up A Candle in the memory of Delhi Braveheart

Have you noticed today's Google search engine ..If n't then read this Friends .

In the memory of  the brave heart , Google has placed a subtle vigil candle below it's search box on the Google India homepage. When you take Your Cursor on the Candle, the text appears that read, "In Memory Of the Delhi brave heart."

Very often Google Places doodles on account of historical milestones and anniversaries but this time by placing a glowing candle below the search box .Google has not only honoured the brave heart and it's family ,but it has also paid a tribute to the entire nation by this action  and protesting for Justice.

Basically google doodle appears in place of Google logo ,but this time, candle appears below the search box.

Google showed the same protest following the tragic news of the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut On hoering over the image, a text box appeared that read, " Our hearts are with the famiilies and community of  Newtown, Connecticut."

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