Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Winners of INDIAN IDOL Season #9 - 2017

When I started this Blogging Which  I  have heard  From  my Friends Saikiran Reddy Sama  Satish Kumar  Nirmala Santhakumar   as a Easy way of Earning money .But when I entered  I am experiencing a lot's Of Problems while Blogging .Now I want  to say Few Wrong methods Where every new Bloggers are  (New to Blogging Field ) trying today .

Wrong steps taken By Fresh Bloggers :

1. First, when I have started my blogging I Was doing a Simple Trick  i.e

                     " Copy And Paste Method "

This method includes just surfing the Internet and Copying the Content Publishing on their Blog.
This method is easy to acess but the most wrong way for new Bloggers.So my Sincere advice to my Friends Never copy the Content of Others.

2.Another wrong Step taken by new bloggers are  

                             " Selection Of their Posts "

Every Fresh blogger thinks that his Blog should contain Every New Stuff news Should be included in his blog.They Simply write posts which is most includes unwanted stuff in the world.So please try to avoid this.Stick One " Nichie ".Branding a Blog is saying that if you are unable to maintain Nichie then your Blog surely Fails.The " Content " in the Post also  matters Here.Try to post a Content with Good Quality.Try to Use " SEO "(Search Engine Optamization ) tips in Your Blog Post for more Benifits.

3.Layout Problem: This problem is Faced  by  every new blogger ,Go for a Layout which is most  popular in Blogging world.Layout must be Atractive,Special for Visitors who  are big fans of Your Blog.Try to choose a Layout which  Suits to your Blog.

4.Now , You have Good Posts with Good Content But lack Of Traffic to Your Blog will surely effects Your Blog.If Really Want to drive  a loads of Traffic to  your Blog try to Use 

                           " Social Media Sites

We have many ways to drive traffic to our Blog .Personally I Prefer These sites to Encourage Traffic to my Blog.

5.Mistakes done by  every Blogger.It's Common to make a mistake and also that everyone  in this field are  so perfect to produce a Post without any Errors.

          " If You Never Mistake then you will never have a chance to learn form your mistakes and get Perfect "

Try to recorrect your mistakes from your post's and Enjoy your Blogging Life Friends...

Note : I know this post  is not of Good Quality but I have tried my level Best to Write this Post.Please Leave a me a Comment Below as Feedback Of Appreciation and If you find any Errors Or Mistakes Please do kindly Forgive me and Let Me Know My Mistake Friends..Thank You .

                        * * * * Enjoy Blogging Life * * *


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  1. Nice reasons covered. First remove the adf.ly banner from your site.

  2. Thank You. Okay I Will Remove It. Thank You For Droping Your FeedBack :)

    Keep Visiting :)


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